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British Spine Registry (BSR)

For more information visit: BritishSpineRegistry.com

The British Spine Registry (BSR) is a web-based database for the collection of information about spinal surgery in the UK.

The BSR was established in May 2012 by the British Association of Spine Surgeons to monitor the outcomes of spinal procedures, collecting valuable and insightful data, to better understand procedures and techniques and a patient’s experience and quality of life, with the aim to improve patient safety and monitor the results of spinal surgery.

The electronic and mostly automated system enables Spinal Consultants to collect a wide remit of data on their patients for relatively little time or effort, making the registry one of the most successful platforms capturing clinical outcomes data in the UK.

The BSR has a dedicated website with consent forms, downloads and logins for both clinicians and patients at https://www.britishspineregistry.com/ 

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